SQL Server, girlfriends and speed cameras

I went to work today, yes I know it”s a sunday…a day where god told us not to work. But anyways, I had to migrate a SQL Server Express Edition to an Enterprise Edition for a Sharepoint Server 2007 installation.

I should of stayed home!!! I got caught by a speed camera on my way back home and I still haven”t migrated the damn thing! I had no choice. It was either go to work or getting bad looks from my girlfriend whilst getting poked in the back with the vacuum cleaner. Me and the cat were sitting on the cauch watching tv and I was eating a banana for breakfast although it was already past noon. The cat had pied on a wet towel and the girlfriend went ballistic for it got mad at me so I knew it was time to leave the house leaving the cat behind, desperately looking for a quit spot being scared of the vacuum cleaner.

When I came back at home I yelled I got caught by a speed camera. Put the bloody shoes off!!! I just cleanded the bloody house!!

So far my sunday…it”s getting dark as I write this post, nothing on tv tonight, caught by a speed camera and still no migration.

To be continued with more on the migration…


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