SQL Server, ears, noses and throats

I grew up between resistors, capacitors, solder and oscilloscopes. It was obvious I followed my old men footsteps so I went to a high school where I could choose to study electronics. (Later on I studied clinical chemistry but did not finish it because of illness).

Although I was not a bad student I never became good at it (electronics that is). But it learnt me to see and understand the interaction between hardware and software. A few days ago someone told me I am desperately in need of a vacation because I dreamt of an electric shaver with sensors, a data logger with an embedded SQL Server which pushed data about rotations and so on to another SQL Server when connected to his cradle to power up. And from there on import the data in a mini datawarehouse with Reporting Services reports on top. Now I can see it”s somewhat ridiculous (but not really).

This is where my next “project” comes in I dream about…I wonder what hospitals do with the data from the patients personal charts like temperature, blood pressure and so on. Does it get logged into a database? Let”s say it would be in a database, what do they do with that data in a perspective view of all patients? That keeps one thinking huh? I mean, reports would be nice to have in a hospital with +500 beds to figure out which floor e.g.: hart diseases, ottorhinolarynologie (ear, nose,and throat). Even more,what about connecting all those databases nationwide? What about data mining?

Maybe I do need a vacation


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