Treat your SQL Server instances as patients in an ER

Just think for a minute, monitoring your SQL Server instances does not differ a lot from monitoring patients in an ER room. When we are dealing with a performance issue, one of the first things we do is check CPU pressure (heart rate), Memory pressure (blood pressure) and I/O pressure.

Just as doctors do, we use a number of quick tools (scripts) to have an idea what the problem might be. Based on those findings, we decide to do some tests (blood analysis/perfmon monitoring).

For over a year now, I have this idea to connect a heart rate monitor to an ill SQL Server. It’s a matter of interfacing but in theory it should be possible.

Now just imagine you have a stack of life monitors near your desk. A nice alternative is a slick layout on a tablet pc connecting to an instance. All I need now are scrubs!

photo by brykmantra under CC

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