TechDays 2012: My top 5 sessions to attend

TechDays 2012 is coming closer  (14-16 February) and I look forward to attend as a MEET member. This is a list of the top 5 sessions I will attend:

  1. How to achieve a more agile and dynamic IT environment by Ward Ralston
    This is the IT Pro opening session. The other option is for Devs about Windows Azure by Scott Guthrie
    I’m an IT Pro so easy choice.
  2. 12 reasons to love SQL Server 2012 by Dandy Weyn
    The only SQL Server session (but then again, we had SQL Server Days about 2 months ago).
    Easy here as well as I’m a SQL Server guy and I like Dandy Weyn very much.
  3. 10 Deadly Sins of Administrators about Windows Security by Paula Januszkiewicz
    Well, fellow DBAs will know that understanding Windows Server is a must so I’m curious on this one.
  4. The Future of C# and Visual Basic by Bart De Smet
    Ok, I’m not a developer and probably won’t understand halve of it but you got to see Bart De Smet presenting! He really is a genius and probably the smartest guy I have ever met. He would fit right into the Big Bang Theory!
  5. ScottGu Unplugged by Scott Guthrie
    Well, you haven’t been at TechDays if you haven’t seen Scott Guthrie, have you?

See you at TechDays 2012!!!

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