PSR:Problem Steps Recorder

We’ve all been there, an end user sends you an e-mail: “it does not work”….ok, what does not work? And how or what exactly did you do?

I recently found out there is a small nifty tool which comes with Windows 7: Problem Steps Recorder or simply PSR.

It runs from the command prompt or Run box, simply type PSR. You hit Start Record and you start reproducing the error or the test scenario. It takes a screenshot of every click and even adds a description like:

Problem Step 1: (2/04/2012 21:00:02) User left click on “Object Explorer Hierarchy (outline)” in “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio”.

It even highlights the sections you clicked or changed (see green rectangle in screenshot below).

After stopping the recording, a MHTML file gets zipped and you have the option to save or send the file by e-mail. It’s not only an excellent way of reproducing errors or test scenarios, it can also be used to document.















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