Steve Verschaeve is a Database Architect at PwC Belgium and former MCT working with SQL Server since 2003. He holds an MCP, MCTS and MCITP certificate . If he’s not working you will find him messing around with Arduino.

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He is also a member of the Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET) for SQL Server and the Belgian SQL Server User Group (SQLUG) co-organizing SQL Server Days since 2009.


SciFi, Roman history, xBox, Medicine, Biology, Physics, Calligraphy, Life hacking, German, Danish, Denmark, California, Costa Rica, Sharks, Sea fishing, Arduino, Feng Shui

The header picture

The picture was taken from a villa in Nosara, Costa Rica during my visit in December 2013. The  house was located in the jungle near the beach. Costa Rica has left a big impression to me. One day I hope to retire at that very same place.

The bio picture

That one got taken in Santa Monica, November 2008 right where Venice stops and Santa Monica begins.
I’ve been traveling to this place since 2006 and together with Nosara, those are the two places I will keep on visiting as much is possible.

Places I regularly visit in Venice/Santa Monica:

Yes, I love coffee and food….

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