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Steve Verschaeve is a Database Architect at PwC Belgium and former MCT working with SQL Server since 2003. He holds an MCP, MCTS and MCITP certificate . If he’s not working you will find him messing around with Arduino. He is also a member of the Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET) for SQL Server and the Belgian SQL Server User Group (SQLUG) co-organizing SQL Server Days since 2009.

Initialization failed after reinstalling Reporting Services 2005

My new SSRS failed after reinstalling it with error

“ReportServicesConfigUI.WMIProvider.WMIProviderException: The report server installation is not initialized.”

Even when I used the Reporting Services Configuration Manager to intialize it, it failed on me.
So how do you fix it? Easy peasy! Go to the Reporting Services Configuration Manager and delete encrypted content and restore the key you backup up and voila. Your SSRS will initialize again.

IIS Diagnostic Toolkit

Did you ever do some troubleshooting on authentication and authorization in Reporting Services 2000? You wish you had the Reporting Services 2005 Configuration Manager huh?

Check out the IIS Diagnostic Toolkirt from Microsoft. It helps you check permissions on the folders and authentication among other interesting features.

The tool can be downloaded from:

How to solve a rsInvalidReportServerDatabase error based on the wrong version of the database

The last couple of days I”ve been doing a standard deployment model of Reporting Services 2000.

I ended up with the following error:

The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is ”C.0.6.43”. The expected version is ”C.0.6.54”. To continue, update the version of the report server database and verify access rights. (rsInvalidReportServerDatabase) Get Online Help

Unfortunately I was using Reporting Services 2000 because in 2005, you can upgrade the database with one single click using the Reporting Services Configuration Manager.

But anyways, I was stuck with this error. I came accros some answers in groups that say you have to reinstall Reporting Services. Pfff, I must of reinstalled it like three times with no luck.

Apparently installing SP1, reboot, install SP2 and reboot did the trick. I performed this procedure twice on two different occasions with the same error so I guess that must be the way to do it.

I hope this information can be of help to someone because it took me a very long time.