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The Fantastic 12 of SQL Server 2012

I’m excited to be a part of the 12 Hours of SQL Server on February, 24th hosted by Microsoft BeLux.

12 webcasts about SQL Server 2012 by 12 speakers both local and international starting at 12:12 PM.

The speakers:

  1. Steve Verschaeve (B) - Partially Contained Databases
  2. Jennifer Stirrup (UK) - Power View from the Data Visualisation Perspective
  3. Frederik Vandeputte (B) - Building your first Analysis Services Tabular BI Semantic model with SQL Server 2012
  4. Pieter Vanhove (B) - Manageability Enhancements of SQL Server 2012
  5. Nico Jacobs (B) - What’s new in Integration Services 2012?
  6. Karel Coenye (B) - Manageability Enhancements of SQL Server 2012
  7. Frederik Vandeputte (B) - Enhance your Analysis Services Tabular BI Semantic to get the most out of Power View
  8. Dandy Weyn (US) - Performance and High-Availability at Scale with SQL Server 2012
  9. Gert Drapers (US) - Database Schema Management & Deployment using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
  10. Cihan Biyikoglu (US) - Inside SQL Azure: Self Governing, Self-Healing, Massively Scalable Database Service in the Cloud
  11. TBD
  12. TBD

TechDays 2012: My top 5 sessions to attend

TechDays 2012 is coming closer  (14-16 February) and I look forward to attend as a MEET member. This is a list of the top 5 sessions I will attend:

  1. How to achieve a more agile and dynamic IT environment by Ward Ralston
    This is the IT Pro opening session. The other option is for Devs about Windows Azure by Scott Guthrie
    I’m an IT Pro so easy choice.
  2. 12 reasons to love SQL Server 2012 by Dandy Weyn
    The only SQL Server session (but then again, we had SQL Server Days about 2 months ago).
    Easy here as well as I’m a SQL Server guy and I like Dandy Weyn very much.
  3. 10 Deadly Sins of Administrators about Windows Security by Paula Januszkiewicz
    Well, fellow DBAs will know that understanding Windows Server is a must so I’m curious on this one.
  4. The Future of C# and Visual Basic by Bart De Smet
    Ok, I’m not a developer and probably won’t understand halve of it but you got to see Bart De Smet presenting! He really is a genius and probably the smartest guy I have ever met. He would fit right into the Big Bang Theory!
  5. ScottGu Unplugged by Scott Guthrie
    Well, you haven’t been at TechDays if you haven’t seen Scott Guthrie, have you?

See you at TechDays 2012!!!

Mr Denny presenting at SQL Server Days 2011

I’m really pleased that we could attract Denny Cherry (WebsiteTwitter) to speak at SQL Server Days 2011.

Mr Denny will be speaking about:

Optimizing SQL Server in a virtual environment
In this session we’ll look over some of the things which you should be looking at within your virtual environment to ensure that you are getting the performance out of it that you should be. This will include how to look for CPU performance issues at the host level. We will also be discussing the Memory Balloon drivers and what they actually do, and how you should be configuring them, and why. We’ll discuss some of the memory sharing technologies which are built into vSphere and Hyper-V and how they relate to SQL Server. Then we will finish up with some storage configuration options to look at.

Indexing Internals
In this session we’ll dig into the internal structors of indexes. We will explore the differences between clustered and non-clustered indexes, what’s layed out within each page of the indexes and how the SQL Server uses the data within the indexes to find rows quickly.

Table indexing for the .Net developer
In this session we will be looking at the best and worse practices for indexing tables within your SQL Server 2008 databases. We will also be looking into the new indexing features that are available in SQL Server 2008 (and SQL Server 2005) and how you the .NET developer can make the best use of them to get your code running its best.
Learn why indexes need to be created
Learn how indexes can help your databases performance
Learn how indexes can hurt your databases performance

Check out the agenda of SQL Server Days 2011 for more details.

SBM MVP Community Roadshow

SQL Server experts are often called in to support Microsoft business products as many of the products use SQL Server as a backend. To name a few: SharePoint, Axapta, Dynamics and Windows Small Business Server all use SQL Server.

Since Windows Small Business Server is a popular product and hence so is the question to support it, it’s always nice to get free training whenever it’s possible. The people behind the curtains of SBS Migration which are on the SBM MVP Community Roadshow take a halt in Belgium, November 29th.

For more details, check out the SBM MVP Community Roadshow website.

Next Belgian SQL Server User Group evening on Thu, March 27

We will have 2 level 200 sessions: 

Session 1: “linked servers” in Sql Server given by Michel Ulens

MS SQL Server has been enjoying increasing popularity as a database platform. But of course, many organizations have other RDB platforms installed. Linked servers provide an elegant solution for organizations wanting to integrate MS SQL server apps with other (legacy) RDB platforms. We”ll demonstrate how to accomplish this by linking to an Oracle database, and giving a clear example of how to extend the power and flexibility of your database needs.

Session 2: “SAP on Sql Server” given by Guy Germompre

The use of SQL Server under the hood of SAP. What is SAP? How does SAP make use of tables? What are the customer benefits? Deep integration between SAP and Microsoft on a database administration level.

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