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SQL Server Myths

I knew it!!

I noticed the following blog post the other day on SQL Server myths:
We tend to take things for granted when reading blog posts. Aparently there is a lot of crap written about SQL Server on the Internet.
Man I sometimes can”t believe what people write about indexes or transaction logs!

Who”s right and who”s not? Blogs are a great learning resource but I”d rather read from the great ones or buy a good descent book.

Enterprise Manager slow when expanding databases

Someone of the BI gang came up to my desk the other day complaining the Enterprise Manager was deadly slow when opening a database. We both went to his desk and yes indead, it took ages whilst looking at the status bar which said: “Establishing connection and checking security settings” or some sort.

Well folks, for the ones who din”t know yet (as myself), check out this KB:

That”s what I call a superb KB!


Import Gupta SQLBase database into SQL Server

It almost took me two days but I made it to import a SQLBase database into SQL Server. It looks like a lot of people in user groups had problems as well, that”s why I don”t bother anymore posting my problem, it”s not getting answered anyway.

So for all you lot out there dealing with the same issue, here is what I did:

Now, first go to the Gupta website and download the SQLBase 9.0.1 Driver Pack for Windows from .

Make sure you reboot after the drivers have been installed. Next make a DSN to the SQLBase database engine. The information you need to enter is quite straight forward but keep in mind that you need to enter a UNC path to the sql.ini file of the machine where the database engine is installed at.

Next, within a DTS you should be able to import data by choosing a Gupta DSN or Gupta OLE DB Provider and voila!

It doesn”t look that dificult at all but it still took me two days to get it working.

Now that I know a little SQLBase, I have to say it”s a quite interesting product. I think I might fiddle with it for a while.