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Blogging is hard

If you’re like me, you find blogging very hard because of the following reasons:

  1. There is so much misinformation about SQL Server on the Internet and I don’t want to be part of that. Does this mean I suck? I don’t think so (I hope not) but I personally think if you’re going to write a blog post that the entire SQL Server community is going to¬†might read, it might as well be good…damn good!
  2. One of the possible topics I would like to write about is errors, scenarios or whatever you end up with at work. So sure, there’s lot to blog about but I don’t want to make screenshots of potential security wise issues regarding my professional setup. Yes, we can blur some things out but seriously, let’s take a screenshot of a Visual Studio solution for example, it will contain almost 100% data which should not be in the open.
  3. I hate it to write about topics that has been written about dozens of times already.

I wish I could blog more often, I even invested in a dedicated hosting, but I see very rare occasions. When I blog, it will usually be about topics I know I will forget because my long-term memory fails on me and If I can share with you, why not? That’s a bonus! Right?

Feedback is welcome